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Our lives have become so busy that we hardly have time to watch our favorite teams pay and cheer for them. And all cricket lovers know how excruciating the pain is of not being able to watch the game live. The sheer thrill of watching the team and knowing at all times what is happening is one of the greatest joys. But if we can not make it to watching, what happens then? Should we be sad and complain? Or should we try and make the best out of that otherwise bad situation? We have tons of apps that let the users keep an eye on the live cricket score. Thus, you are at the very least updated with the scores.  Here is a list of the top 5 apps for keeping live cricket score.

Best Live Cricket Score app

AS I have mentioned, I am going to list 5 apps here. All of the apps that I am going to include in this list are great. And I believe that it is better not to rank them. These are all great. Take a look at these and see for yourself which one you want. We picked the best 5 apps for you.

   ESPN Cricinfo:

I am assuming that you are aware of ESPN channel. In case you do not know, ESPN is the largest network for sports across the globe. And ESPNcricinfo is their app which focuses on cricket. It is available in the app form for various devices.

There are way too many features in this app. But the most important of all is the live cricket score. You can get all the live updates, news, highlights and every single other thing that you can think of. It is a great way of keeping in touch with the world of cricket right from your smartphone.

   Cricbuzz: Live Cricket Score

Cricbuzz is another live cricket app that the cricket fanatics completely adore. This app has so many cool and unique features that it is undoubtedly one of the best of cricket apps. If you have this app, you can not only get live score updates, but you will also get live audio commentary. Yes, it is true. Unlike most other apps where you get an overview of an over, Crickbuzz lets you in on the minute ball to ball details.

It goes without saying that this app covers a lot of cricket tournaments of regional and international repute. And it also has separate sections for team gallery, news, player details, and etcetera. You can even the watch highlight videos later. Way too many things that are right there to fulfill the desire of any true cricket fan.

   Star Sports:

If you have not heard the name Star Sports, it can be stated without any doubt that you are not a sports fan. Star Sports is one of the largest and biggest sports networks that is present in most of the countries across the world. And it is not of much wonder that they have released an app version. Star Sports Live Cricket has seen enormous downloads right after it was released due to the overwhelming love of the Star Sports fans.

This app lets the users check the live cricket scores of cricket tournaments of national and international repute. It even has a section dedicated to sports news so that you do not miss what the critics have to say. In addition, this app not only gives the users access to cricket scores, but it also has news and score of other sports. You can get updates of the Pro Kabaddi League of which this app is the official streaming partner or of football, tennis, badminton, hockey. It covers a vast range of games within the app. So do not let the name cloud your judgment.

   Yahoo! Cricket:

Yahoo! is one organization that has a host of services. While those services are seemingly endless, Yahoo! Cricket is one app that has been made to cater to the needs of the cricket fans.

Cricket fans and fanatics across the world can get live score updates of the current matches sent right on their mobiles. There are four broadly divided sections. One is for scores, one is for news, one is for photos and one is for teams. As you can understand, it is the complete deal. You can even look up individual players and teams to see their career graph.

   NDTV Cricket:

NDTV Cricket is another brilliant Live Cricket Score App. This app’s appearance is quite similar to that of Cricbuzz. The newest and upcoming match fixtures are always on the top of the screen so that it catches our eye at the earliest. You will also get the news headings and a vast picture gallery of the games.

It goes without saying that you get to know the live score updates. And you also get the statistics of the team and the player. So you have a close to absolute knowledge about the game.

So these are the best 5 apps that are there for keeping live score updates of cricket. I hope this article has been helpful to you and in your search for the perfect live cricket score app.

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